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Loans of €500 to €4,000

We had a wide range of credits that adapt to the client, as well as online loans to finance any type of project. You can apply for credits and loans from the comfort of home. We are fast, safe and effective; It also has a credit and loan simulator, which consists in carrying out a free credit or loan study through the personal information that the client provides in the simulator, and an immediate response will be obtained.


  • No opening commission
  • Loans of up to € 15,000 if the customer has previously applied for loans
  • Competitive interest TIN from 5.95%. APR 6.12
  • You can request fast credit up to € 4,000 without opening commission or cancellation.
  • Competitive and convenient loan terms
  • Services such as: car loan, reform, studies, personnel, direct credit and credit cards.
  • Flexibility


You can request a credit through its web portal or through a phone call. Which, the customer can call as well as provide their phone number for us to call when the client requests it.

To request a personal credit:

  • Be of age
  • Have a DNI or NIE
  • Have a payroll, pension or proof of income.
  • Have a bank account in the client’s name.
  • Domiciled receipt
  • Recent bank statement

To apply for a loan:

  • Send a loan request and a free personalized study will be carried out.
  • Choose the type of loan you want to do

Loan details:

  • You can request a loan of up to € 15,000
  • Cofidis has a loan simulator that evaluates the client according to their needs.
  • Credi-fast up to € 4,000
  • Types of loans: Cofidis project, home renovations, new car, used car, home equipment, motorcycle, studies, trips, celebrations, dental treatment, musical instrument.
  • Minimum age to request a loan: 18 years
  • Interest rate 5.95

I’m looking for personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll

We tell you how and where you can apply for a loan with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll

If you are interested in hiring personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll, here you will be able to find all the information you need: We offer you the query that one of our readers sends us from Barcelona, ​​asking us if it is possible to get loans at the moment being in files like Financial Credit Institutions or RAI and, 

“Can I apply for credits with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll ?. If so, where? “

Hello! My name is Arturo and I am writing from the city of Barcelona.

I am looking for loans with Financial Credit Institutions (and fixed payroll) so I would like to know in which entities I can get them, as well as having more information about their operation. I want to request € 1,000.

As I have told you, I have a payroll and I have been with Financial Credit Institutions for over a year for an unpaid phone bill, so I need money urgently. Can you help me? Thank you!.

Loans with Financial Credit Institutions or having payroll. Where can they be obtained?

In response to the query we received from Arturo, we will see below if it is possible to obtain financing by being in arrears files such as Financial Credit Institutions or RAI and having a payroll as a source of income.

The financial sector has changed a lot in our country over the past few years, adapting to the needs that have emerged and offering solutions among which are as requested by our user mini personal loans with payroll and Financial Credit Institutions.

Among the main options for obtaining credits with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll that adapt to Arturo’s query, we have:

  • It offers you € 50 and € 1,000 (€ 3,000 from the 2nd credit)
  • Refund: Maximum of 30 days
  • First free credit (you do not pay commissions)
  • Accepts loans with Financial Credit Institutions and without endorsement
  • Financing from € 500 to € 5,000
  • Refund: Maximum 36 months
  • Without endorsement
  • Even with Financial Credit Institutions

After seeing what is the service offered by these platforms, we see that getting money by being listed as Financial Credit Institutions or RAI and having a source of income such as a payroll, is very simple.

And we can not forget that the sector of personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions offers us a good variety of solutions that adapt to the needs of the applicants and therefore, we can obtain financing having debts even when we are unemployed, since instead of opting to use our payroll as proof of regular income, we can provide documentation as a benefit for unemployment or subsidy.

In short, if what we are looking for are loans without importing Financial Credit Institutions, we will be able to find a large number of online solutions since nowadays there are many entities that offer this service.

If you want to know even more about the operation and characteristics of the loans with payroll, read on: we tell you everything in detail.

And what about the loans with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll without endorsement?

As we currently have at our disposal a wide variety of facilities when processing financing through the Internet, one of the most important changes in the sector has been the possibility of obtaining loans with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll without endorsement.

In comparison with what we are used to find in conventional banks where it was difficult to obtain financing without providing a guarantor to ensure the operation, today we have many options at our disposal, including, of course, the aforementioned option of obtaining money without need to provide endorsement.

Therefore, if you are looking for a platform that offers a service that allows you to obtain personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll without endorsement: do not worry. Currently you have at your disposal a good selection of options that will allow you to obtain the financing you need.

An example of this are the entities that we have spoken to you at the top of this entry.

Did you know that you can also get credits with Financial Credit Institutions online for free?

We could not continue with our entry dedicated to offering information about the credits with Financial Credit Institutions online without talking about the free financing that can also be obtained. That is to say, loans in which we do not have to pay commissions and we only reimburse the amount that has been lent to us.

We must bear in mind that although as a general rule this service can be achieved with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll, it is not available on all platforms, as is the case with telephone loans, for example. In addition, it is also limited as a promotion to first customers.

It is for this reason that before starting to manage our application and choose a financial institution, we need to look for information and compare, in order to find the cash loan entity that best suits what we need.

For this reason, in the section of our page dedicated to financing focused on profiles with debts and where, of course, we can have access to mini-credits with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll, we can find a complete list with the most outstanding platforms of the sector, with its main Features explained point by point so that we can compare quickly and at a glance.

Also, if you have reached this page because like our user Arturo you are also looking for where to get credits online with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll, you will also be able to find all the information you need (and what better than being able to request our first credit without having to pay commissions).

Financials of online loans with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll: learn to manage your application

We have already mentioned throughout this post that one of the great advantages offered by private financial companies operating through the Internet is the simplicity with which we can manage the whole process, a feature that of course we also find in those that offer us personal loans online with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll.

Then we will see how the request for this type of financing works, so that those users who are going to carry out this management for the first time, know step by step what they will find.

Before starting your application for a personal loan with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll, we recommend that you have these documents at hand:

  • Your ID or NIE
  • Your proof of regular income (as we have seen, it can be a payroll, a pension or unemployment benefit)
  • An extract of your bank account (to verify both that we are the holders of this as well as inform the platform where we want the loan to be made)

As a general rule, to complete our personal loan application with Financial Credit Institutions online we will not need more than this simple documentation. However, it is important that we take into account that depending on the entity that we have chosen, it could vary.

Now that we know the documents that we are going to need, we now have direct access to the application process. For which we have to:

  • Access the web page of the chosen financial platform
  • Enter the amount of money we want to get, as well as the period of time we want for the disbursement of this
  • Fill in the application form with our personal data
  • Attach the documentation required by the entity (as we said before, ID or NIE, proof of income or payroll and extract from our bank account)

Once we have completed all these steps and have completed filling out the form and sent the required documents, we will only wait for the entity to verify all the information we have provided and study our profile to see if our application could have been accepted.

The mini credits with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll: a reality

More and more customers are launching to request financing through the network, through payroll loans.

This is due both to the offers of quick loans with payroll and Financial Credit Institutions offered by the entities that are more attractive every day, as well as the security of the whole process, comparable to what we can find in conventional banks.

The union of these two conditions together with the rapid application process that have perfected the platforms of the sector to avoid the endless paperwork, has generated that requesting financing in a timely manner has become something much simpler than what we were used to and, therefore, Therefore, we are encouraged to apply for loans with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll with greater assiduity.

The arrival of the Internet has completely changed the way in which many of us consume and, therefore, it is not surprising that this change has also affected the financial sector, offering solutions and adapting to the social changes of today.

In this way, if we are interested in getting a loan, we must know that although the application process and requirements are very versatile, the chances of obtaining a loan when we have a payroll, are much higher.

Therefore, if we are in files associated with late payment and we have a payroll as a regular source of income, we are practically not going to have problems to get loans with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll. However, we must bear in mind that it will depend directly on the platform that we choose, the amount that we have owed, as well as the source from which the non-payment comes.

Let’s not forget the responsible use of personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions only payroll

Obtaining personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions only with payroll is possible today, when we have bad credit, in the case of a service that offers us an enormous amount of facilities but also requires that we employ it responsibly. We talk about it below:

As we have already seen throughout the paragraphs above, the sector of Internet financing has evolved in great strides over recent years, offering today an impeccable service that allows us to obtain money quickly under a lot of circumstances and needs.

Among all these options we also find Financial Credit Institutions loans only as an example that shows us how the platforms specialized in financing have managed to adapt and modify their services to cover real needs of their clients, such as obtaining fast money with Financial Credit Institutions.

Now, although obtaining this financing is an easy and fast process, of course much more than if we request fast loans without payroll and property, we can not forget that when contracting this service we are accepting a series of conditions by contract, among which there are the payment obligations for which we have to repay the loaned amount plus its corresponding commissions.

Therefore, if we are going to request a personal loan with fixed payroll and Financial Credit Institutions we must be sure that once the period of days agreed with the entity has elapsed, we will be able to count on a sufficient amount of money that allows us to return the loan. total amount of the credit plus its cost.

In this way we would be making responsible use of this financing service since, on the contrary, if we could not settle the debt within the established period we would increase the amount of our annotation in Financial Credit Institutions, preventing us in the future from requesting a service again of financing.

Loans with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll. What should I keep in mind when managing my application?

 Finally, we will end with this entry dedicated entirely to personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions and fixed payroll referring to a series of basic tips that we need to take into account when starting to manage our application or look for a platform that fits what we need.

And is that, as we have said throughout the previous paragraphs today we have a large number of specialized platforms to offer online loans on the spot. Which, at the time of choosing can be confusing if it is our first time, since we are not sure if the financial one we have chosen, will be the most appropriate for our profile.

Then we leave you with several tips to take into account before proceeding to process personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions (and counting with payroll).

  • First of all, look for information from sources of trust: the Internet is a great informative tool. Therefore, what better than before starting to look for financial platforms seek information regarding the operation of these to familiarize with the whole process and know, before we start, what we will find.
  • After this and now that you have been able to consult information about the world of financing, be very clear about what you need: amount to request in your possible personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions, repayment terms, monthly installments or refund in one payment, necessary documentation and possible debts for annotations in Financial Credit Institutions.
  • When you already know roughly the operation of the credit sector without requirements and have decided which financial product you want to hire, perform a comparative study.

On our website you can find a lot of information within the comparator, where we talk about the main platforms, as well as the advantages they offer so you can see which one is most interesting to you, quickly and without complications.

  • Finally, you only have to decide on the platform that best suits your needs and offers you a more competitive offer. In addition, most entities include a credit simulator that will let you know the total cost of financing even before applying for it.

Broker for a real estate loan without contribution

Borrowing without having a personal contribution is not always easy, the broker can make it easier to find an offer of financing, without having to advance the least amount of money.

Principle of credit in real estate credit


The broker is a banking intermediary, that is to say, it intervenes between the customer wishing to buy a property and the bank that offers financing. His role is to work on behalf of his client, through a mandate and negotiate for him the best terms of repayment. When a loan applicant does not have a contribution amount, the broker must take this element into account in his study and be responsible for finding offers that can be obtained without contribution.

The real estate broker firstly provides advice to his client, he will also propose a feasibility study and provide him with explanations on the operation of the mortgage, including the steps and fees related to this financing. Finally, he will also take into account the peculiarities of his client’s situation, such as the lack of input to negotiate with the partner banks.

Can the broker make it easy to get a credit without a contribution?

Can the broker make it easy to get a credit without a contribution?

The real estate broker knows very well the housing loan market but also the current conditions of the banks and especially the rates. Every month, banks review their rates, their criteria, information at the hand of the broker. But the broker also has a very good knowledge of the market and actors, he usually knows where to turn when no input is available, he also knows the processing time in each agency.

The broker therefore has a global vision of the mortgage market on its sector, most are limited to the city in which they are located, which allows to have a choice of several banks to obtain a loan. Brokers can also work at the national level, for more specific products or for specific needs.

How to choose a broker?

How to choose a broker?

The broker is above all a human being, so there is a relationship of trust to put in place between him and his client. For the loan candidate, it is important to have a good feeling and to feel accompanied in his project, without being taken of high or badly informed. It is also important to measure the popularity or the opinions of customers who have used the local real estate broker, this allows to get a better idea of ​​the quality of services offered. Finally, a first appointment is important, you have to take the time to explain your project and your financial situation.

Handle short-term loan quickly and easily

Special loans help

Special loans help

As a rule, consumers can first obtain comprehensive information about the offers on the credit market before deciding on a loan. Sometimes, however, a Short-term loan is necessary, for example, if unforeseen expenses have to be financed. This may include, for example, the repair of a car if the vehicle is needed professionally.

Short-term loan: online and offline possible

Kurzfristige Kreditaufnahme für Kfz

Short-term loan, for example, to have a broken vehicle repaired.

Basically, it is both offline, so in the bank branch, as well as online via the website of a bank possible to apply for a loan at short notice. In reality, however, the situation is particularly difficult for retail banks to the extent that both the application and the lending usually require a longer lead time. So often an appointment must first be agreed, then follows the credit discussion and days or even weeks later, the loan amount is ultimately transferred. For this reason, on this condition, priority is given to online loans. In addition, you should make sure that it is as possible to so-called fast, short-term or instant loans. There a Short-term loan is almost always possible. The banks offer such special loans, which are characterized by a short processing time, especially under the following names:

  • instant loans
  • Loans with immediate approval
  • Payday emergency loans
  • Quick loans
  • Express loans
  • Short-term loans

A Short-term loan is always possible with these loans, because often both the application and the credit decision are already automated. Ideally, only a few minutes pass between application and credit decision. If the bank then provides the Webident procedure and the option of submitting documents and credit agreements online, you may be able to dispose of the loan amount after only one day.

In which cases is Short-term loan possible?

In practice, there are quite a few reasons that make it difficult for you to compare a large number of credit offers on the market, but you have to opt for Short-term loan. Typical situations in which short-term capital is needed are, for example:

  • Car repair after accident or defect
  • Limited time special offer, for example special model in the motor vehicle sector
  • Urgently necessary repair in or at the house
  • Spontaneous holiday

In fact, there are various situations in which it is necessary that the loan amount is available to you after two to three days at the latest. Despite the Short-term loan, however, you should compare as few offers as possible and not access the first available loan offer. Incidentally, if this amounts to a sum between a few hundred and up to 3,000 euros, the use of the disposition credit may also be the ideal solution.