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Where can I get a loan with bad credit?

Currently getting a personal loan with bad credit is easier than ever, thanks to the financial services offered by fast credit institutions through the Internet.

Then we bring you the letter that one of our users sends us and asks us how you can get a personal loan with bad credit. If this is also your case, read on, you will find everything you need to know.

“I need to apply for money while having a bad credit situation”

“Hi, my name is Ana C. and I am looking for information about loans with bad credit. I am interested in getting a credit of 2500 euros to buy a second-hand car, since I just got my card. Currently I have a payroll of 1000 euros per month, I am in Financial Credit Institutions (a debt of less than 100 euros) and I do not have an endorsement. This is going to be my first loan request, what can you recommend ?. Regards, Ana. “

Where to get a personal loan with bad credit?

Our user Ana asks us where she can get personal loans with bad credit, that is, conventional loans or mini-credits and fast loans with Financial Credit Institutions, focused on profiles that do not have a good credit file.

Currently, we can get this credit service thanks to the financial Credit, where we can obtain loans with bad credit of up to a maximum amount of 5000 euros.

Let’s see more in depth what its conditions are:

In Credit we can get loans with (relative) bad credit for values ​​between 500 and 5,000 €, with repayment terms up to 36 months, does not need an endorsement and accepts applications with Financial Credit Institutions or RAI.

Loans of money with bad credit, easy and fast

The sector of quick loans, which also includes money loans with bad credit, has undergone a great expansion over the last few years, and it is now easier than ever to apply for a loan through the Internet., in a matter of minutes, and with total security, since financial institutions with quick credits have been able to adapt Internet technology to offer a service that can satisfy the needs of today’s customers.

A few years ago we could consider that having access to a loan of money with Financial Credit Institutions was practically an impossible mission, and is that as a rule having a negative credit history for debts was not compatible with possible credit applications.

However, times change and the needs of users also do, so the credit sector has managed to adapt to these, offering loans with bad credit that can be achieved with few requirements and from home, managing the entire process through from our computer or by phone (smartphone). Of course it will depend a lot on what our particular situation is, since each case is a world, but if you can get financing and your credit file is not very buoyant at this time, surely entities like Credit, will be your best option.

For amounts lower than the one you mention, you can also access credit in financial companies such as Creditsor (up to € 300) or Solcrédito (up to € 1,000).

Loans with bad credit online, how to apply?

Now that we have talked in depth about what they are and what are the loans with bad credit online, we will move on to know how the entire process of applying for these credits works.

To apply for loans we must, first of all, choose a financial company that is compatible with our profile (in our case with little credit capacity), since not all specialized entities offer this type of service that allows us to access a loan with Financial Credit Institutions or RAI. Which reminds us that you may be interested in reading our post about how to leave Financial Credit Institutions, as we mentioned it.

Once we have chosen a financial company that offers us mini loans with bad credit, among which we find Credit as we mentioned above and where we can request up to 5000 euros with Financial Credit Institutions, we will access your website.

Once we are in your web platform, we will have to enter both the amount of money that we want to request, as well as the total time that we want to have for the return of the loan, in order to automatically see an approximate calculation that will inform us of the interests total of the operation, and of the total money to be returned after the return period has elapsed.

After this, and once we have entered all the data required to manage our loan, we will send the form which the financial institution will analyze to see if we are compatible with your applicant profile, and consequently, grant or not the requested loan.

Once we have sent our personal data through the financial form, we can only wait a few minutes, as the answer informing us if our online loan has been accepted, will not be long in coming.

In the event that we receive an affirmative answer and our credit has been accepted, the income of the money in our current account will also be made immediately (in the case that our current account is hosted in the same bank, if not, we must bear in mind that the transfer could take between 24 and 48 to be reflected in our account).

How and where to get a cheaper personal loan?

Getting a cheaper personal loan is a simple task today, and is that thanks to credit comparison as (website where you are) we can find a lot of information and contrast between the different current offers, choosing the one that We are more interested, or better adjusted to our needs at this time.

Thanks to the Internet we have access to a large amount of information that we can consult quickly and in just a few minutes, and is that a simple search we can find comparisons like the one we offer you in our entry on loans with Financial Credit Institutions, where we can see what are the major financial institutions that offer this type of credit.

However, that we can get cheap loans does not imply that we are requesting the one that is most suitable for our profile. That is, if, like our client Ana, we need to get a personal loan with bad credit (with Financial Credit Institutions), we have to make sure that we send our credit request to an entity that is compatible with this feature, since we can find financial that they offer us credits with lower interests and, therefore, cheaper, but that nevertheless we will not be able to obtain since our request will be rejected.

Therefore, in order to choose the best loan, we must make sure to choose a financial company that offers us, as in the case in this letter, credits with Financial Credit Institutions. Before choosing a financial institution because it offers us cheaper personal loans, we must check that it offers loans with Financial Credit Institutions or RAI.

Who offers loan?

To borrow money, there are several contact points that can help. In addition to the well-known offerings such as branch banks, direct banks or private companies, there are also unconventional methods such as private individuals, funding associations and churches. It is best to be aware in advance of how much money you want to lend, what are the demands made on the provider and what the repayment should look like. Accordingly, one can choose the right provider to borrow.

The well-known way: the bank

The classic is the house bank, which offers loans from a small amount. Even a few hundred euros can be used in a bank, with differentiated terms come to one. Just these should be kept in mind so that no debts or other problems arise. Basically, low interest rates, matching maturity, variable repayment and easy utilization are desired. Particularly bad creditworthiness, a private credit entry or unemployment can lead to the rejection of the application.

Are private individuals helpful?

If this is the case, you can turn to friends and relatives. Especially small amounts are not a problem in the circle of acquaintances and can be claimed with confidence and a good relationship. Since it can come to dispute over money, one should hold the individual conditions of the loan in a handwritten contract. Important points are the amount of the amount, the repayment period and special conditions. As a rule, interest does not belong to borrow money between friends or relatives. In addition to these individuals, there are private banks that make a bad impression. Especially in this area you should be careful because there are many black sheep.

The perfect solution?

Unusual methods for borrowing money are churches and sponsorship clubs that are currently found in larger cities. Through these facilities one can lend higher sums of money, which are connected with no or low interest. However, this option has a small downside. Frequently, the loans are associated with strict conditions, which make the quick money gain bitter. In churches, it is common that the loan of money is linked to regular church attendance. Also, the exact presentation of the use of money is not uncommon.

Where can you get small instant loans?

The mission of finding loans or immediate credits was, until some time ago, difficult. However, thanks to the Quick Money financing, the situation has changed and they are much simpler to get

Then we bring you the query that one of our users sent us, who asks us if at present it is possible to get immediate loans, for small amounts and to be effective in a matter of minutes.

We leave you directly with the query sent to us by Laura G. (name changed by privacy), with your doubt about the immediate mini-loans.

Where can I apply for immediate urgent loans?

Hello Mini Credits Team Instantly !

I am Laura G., and I am sending you this email, since I would like you to talk to me about the process of requesting immediate loans. Are they really as fast as financials claim? I need urgent money, specifically 300 euros, can I count on having the money in my account for today? Thanks for your time!

Immediate and urgent small loan financiers

Thanks to you, Laura.

Indeed, we can get small loans immediately and urgently. We are going to see some of the financial companies that offer us this credit service, and among which they compete to offer the fastest micro loan.

These are just some of the financial ones where we can request immediate small loans and where we highlight some of those that offer the fastest services of the moment, however, we still have a list of entities much more extensive and complete, which you can consult directly in our main page

Immediate credit: all the information

When we want to request an immediate credit and we start looking for information about this product and specialized financials, we can immediately see that one of the main characteristics is the agility offered in the process, reducing the process to its minimum expression, in order that we can manage everything from home, through the Internet, and with the possibility, as our user asks us, to make cash known as online loans in a matter of minutes.

However, that we are offered all these facilities and we are assured that, for example, we can get 300 euros in less than 10 minutes, can generate distrust in users who do not know how exactly the loans work in the fast money sector.

And is that thanks to all the possibilities offered by the Internet, the financial immediate loans have managed to perfect their credit service to the fullest, since to be able to have a fully computerized system, they can manage requests in a matter of seconds, facilitating this so that the process can be managed automatically, and the loan money can be transferred to our bank account in minutes.

We also found that, thanks to the success experienced by the financial immediate urgent loans, the competition between the different mini-credit companies continues to increase, generating that each time they are improving their offer and their service, and seeking to be the fastest in the sector.

Therefore, in response to what our user Laura G asked us: Yes, there are currently many financial companies that offer us immediate and urgent mini-loans that can be made effective on the spot.

Instant loans online, compare and choose

We continue with our entry dedicated exclusively to the immediate loans on the Internet with a recommendation that we consider to be basic, and that is before deciding which will be the financial one to which we are going to request this credit service, it is important to know in depth what it is that We will find each of the financial companies to be properly informed, because for example there are entities that offer us such attractive promotions as the first free loan (without commissions), or mini-loans with Financial Credit Institutions, both financial options being options that we They allow you to get cash instantly, in a matter of just a few minutes.

Therefore, and according to our needs, we will be more suited to a specific type of loan, so we must compare before choosing our immediate mini loan, in order to find the one that fits perfectly to what we need; A simple mission and in which we do not need to invest a lot of time, since we can find a large amount of information and comparisons through the Internet.

Are there immediate mini credits with Financial Credit Institutions?

As we told you in the previous paragraphs, we have many options to request our immediate loan, so before starting to manage our mini credit application, it is recommended that we assess our situation, and seek the maximum possible information, in order to find the entity that best fits what we need, and offer us the perfect mini-credit, especially for those cases in which we need to apply for loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

Currently it is possible to request immediate mini-credits with Financial Credit Institutions or RAI without any type of problem, since it is a very common loan service in a sector that has evolved to prevent debts in delinquency files from becoming a feature exclusionary that restricted access to loans to all those people who, for whatever circumstance, had debts.

And is that within this wide range of options that we can find to apply for a loan, one of the most popular today are the loans in the act with Financial Credit Institutions, although we must bear in mind that, despite being highly demanded, is not an option that we will find available in all financial institutions, so it is essential to compare before starting to make our request.

Therefore, if this is your case and you need immediate loans with Financial Credit Institutions: credits for small amounts of money, focused on applicants who are associated with delinquency profiles such as Financial Credit Institutions, you can find much more information in our entry on loans with Financial Credit Institutions, where we talk to you in depth about all the entities that offer this service.

Immediate loans without endorsement, are they possible?

As we can contract loans when we have debts in Financial Credit Institutions or RAI, we also have many options available, if what we need is to request immediate loans without endorsement, since it is just as easy to get an immediate credit with these characteristics, that is, without endorsement neither of payroll, and with guarantees that we have a high percentage of possibilities that our application is approved, given that the lack of endorsement is not an exclusive feature.

So, if we need urgent money, we can request an immediate mini-loan without endorsement in any of the financial entities that we have talked about previously, since in the vast majority of them we will not need a guarantor for our mini credit to be granted.

And the immediate micro loans without payroll?

In the same way that it is very easy to have access to an immediate credit without the need of an endorsement, we will find many facilities to request an immediate micro loan without a payroll, since it is a common characteristic within the group of financial institutions specialized in quick mini-loans. that a payroll is not required as a necessary condition to manage our application, given that in most cases it is more than sufficient to present a valid proof of monthly income, such as a pension, or an unemployment benefit.

Immediate small loans, a service on the agenda

A few years ago it was totally unthinkable to be able to access a loan without paperwork and in a matter of minutes, a service that has been evolving to offer us the small immediate credits as we know them nowadays.

And it is that this loan service is something that began to become necessary for a long time, as one of the consequences of the economic crisis that we have lived through the last years, and that has generated that both the immediate loans and the Credits with Financial Credit Institutions or RAI become a very popular financial product.

Therefore, the immediate small mini loans are a credit service that is the order of the day, and that is the ideal resource for many people who can not cope with unexpected expenses that occur at the end of the month, when our budget It is limited.

Instant micro credits, money in minutes

The first time we are going to request immediate micro credits, many doubts may arise about how we can manage the process, as well as whether the private financial entities of the sector are going to offer us all the speed they guarantee in their slogans, as our user Laura G. in your query.

And it is that when we look for information about entities, we will find many who say that we can get the money in 10 minutes, and even less.

However, are these entities as immediate and without requirements as they claim?

As for speed, of course I do. Regarding “no requirements”, not so much. It depends on who you sign with. In any case, the requirements are quite easy to cover, since the vast majority of companies in the immediate microcredit sector have managed to expedite the process to the maximum, facilitating the user the application process, which is managed automatically through the Internet, and in parallel trying to reach most people. It is not for anything to be called, obviously with commercial intent, but also descriptive: mini loans without requirements. But of course, some requirements do exist.

In most cases the requirements are the same:

The usual documentation, such as DNI or NIE, bank account (where you receive the money and then return it), residence in Spain and have some monthly and constant income (for example, payroll, benefit, pension, subsidy, etc.). Then, depending on the financial institution, would be (or not be) in arrears files and age, which can be, from 18 years, to very advanced, also depending on the brand that we want to request.

Immediate loans online. How to request them?

We will now deal with everything we need to know to apply for immediate online loans in a generalized way, and even though most of the financial institutions in the sector work very similarly, we can not ignore the fact that we can find some particular particularity in some of them, that we could not describe here.

However, to apply for our immediate mini credit, the most common is that we have to access the official website of the entity we have chosen, enter the amount of money we want to hire in our loan, as well as the number of days we want arrange for your return. Next, we will have to complete a simple form with personal data, such as the ones we quote a few lines above

Once we have the form sent to the entity, the only thing that will remain is to wait for the response of the financial institution, which usually communicates via email or mobile phone (via SMS) to know if our immediate loan has been granted or do not.

Small loans, okay, what if I want more than 1000 euros?

In that case we recommend that you visit the post dedicated to quick loans of 1000 euros or more.

We came to the end of this entry dedicated to small loans, where thanks to the query sent to us by one of our users, we have been able to collect all these data for you, to advise you and when you need to hire an immediate credit, you can find all the needed information.

If you have any questions and there is some aspect of the mini online small loans that you would like to know, do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions!

Getting Loan Fast – These are the options

How long does a loan payment really take?

How long does a loan payment really take?

In some situations it is important to be able to have cash quickly. If you then have no way to withdraw the required amount from your checking account or another credit account, often only the option to borrow money remains. Some lenders actively advertise that they receive cash very quickly or that payment of the loan amount is extremely fast. But how fast are such loan disbursements really and is there actually the possibility to get cash fast?

Mortgage loan as a possible alternative

The mortgage loan is the classic way to borrow money quickly

If you really want to keep cash as fast as possible, mortgage loans can be an alternative. Pledge credit houses are available throughout the Federal territory, especially in the big cities. However, the prerequisite for use is that you have one or more assets that you can use, such as jewelry, media equipment or other assets. In return, you will then receive a mortgage loan, which is usually paid immediately as cash. The downside to mortgage lending is that you have to introduce yourself personally to the pawnshop and the fees are relatively high, especially if repayments last longer than two months.

Fast cash on ordinary online loans?

Fast cash on ordinary online loans?

In ordinary online loans, even with so-called instant loans, it is in the vast majority of cases that you receive no cash there. Instead, the loan amount is directed to the checking account you specified in the credit agreement. For online loans, you only receive cash indirectly, for example, by having the transferred loan agreement at the ATM. However, there are some exceptions, as some lenders offer the option of actually paying the loan amount in cash.

In this case, both the loan agreements and the loan amount are sent by courier, so that the payment works on the principle of a surname order. In the presence of the courier, they sign the loan agreements and in return receive the agreed loan amount in cash. The advantage is actually the fast cash payment, while mostly high additional costs for this extra service are to be mentioned as a disadvantage.

How long does it take to pay the loan?

How long does it take to pay the loan?

In order to receive cash quickly, it is important that the shortest possible time elapses between application and credit of the loan amount. Settlement and processing times vary greatly from bank to bank, so the total duration can be between two and up to 10 days. If you need cash fast, you should definitely prefer so-called short – term loans or instant loans. There, you can expect that in the ideal case between application and credit of the loan amount from your current account maximum between two and three working days proceed. Sometimes the amount is available even after 24 hours, if it is a so-called paperless loan.

The amortization plan for a mortgage loan

The mortgage is depreciated like all other forms of credit. The bank generally gives the borrower the choice of the most appropriate repayment formula for his situation.

The question of what type of depreciation depends on a good understanding of what is meant by depreciation and what is meant by it.


The amortization of a mortgage is the repayment of the principal borrowed. To avoid confusion, it should be noted that a credit is made up of two different realities. On the one hand, there is the amount requested by the borrower and which is the object of the loan, that is the capital, and the other the interest received by the bank in return for its services..

There are situations where the amortization of the mortgage loan makes it possible to benefit from a tax deduction. It is advisable to inquire about the conditions required.

What is a depreciation plan?

credit hypothecaire l 0

When you enter into a mortgage loan agreement, for example here, the financial institution and the borrower agree on a repayment plan that lists elements such as monthly payments and the repayment term. A repayment table is then drawn up together.

This is a depreciation plan, the purpose of which is to indicate exactly how the credit will be repaid and the amount of each monthly payment.

What are the different types?

There are 3 types of possible amortization of the mortgage loan:

  • The first is to make a regular refund of constant monthly payments. During the first period, the share of interest in this amount will be greater compared to that of capital. At the end of the contract, it will be the opposite effect since there will be more capital than interest in each payment.
  • The home loan can also be amortized so as to repay all interest throughout the term. It will only be at the end of the loan that the borrower will repay in its entirety the capital and interest corresponding to the last monthly payment.
  • Another alternative is to repay in each month a fixed amount of capital. The share of capital to be included in the payment will be calculated by simply dividing the capital to the number of months relating to depreciation. Interest will be repaid gradually as the contract matures.

Which solution must be chosen? This is not an easy question and the final choice usually depends on how long and how much to borrow. It is always better to contact a specialist to get the right answer to your situation.