Doppler Shift (Desplazamiento Doppler)


Documentation of Doppler Shift

3-night performance of mobile video projections, 2012

Over the course of three nights, panoramic videos were projected from a moving truck that traversed the Manhattan's Grid. Captured roughly a year before during the Doppelgänger Effect (2011), these videos showed different the experience a day within the Cartesian plane. The videos were made manifest via a custom-made 7,000 lumens video projector mounted with a dual-mirror head.  Between 12 midnight and 5 am, moving images of the cityscape were cast onto the buildings' faces.

Doppler Shifts, HD digital video 21 minute video, 2013

Making use of the documentary footage shot during the multiple nights of projection, this video ties together shared characteristics of the built environment of the Manhattan Grid.

Doppler Shifts, project book, 8 x 10 inches, 308 page book, 2014

The encyclopedic scope of this book includes the entire project from proposal, funding, prototyping and execution. 

Doppler Shifts and Doppler Shifting