Handle short-term loan quickly and easily

Special loans help

Special loans help

As a rule, consumers can first obtain comprehensive information about the offers on the credit market before deciding on a loan. Sometimes, however, a Short-term loan is necessary, for example, if unforeseen expenses have to be financed. This may include, for example, the repair of a car if the vehicle is needed professionally.

Short-term loan: online and offline possible

Kurzfristige Kreditaufnahme für Kfz

Short-term loan, for example, to have a broken vehicle repaired.

Basically, it is both offline, so in the bank branch, as well as online via the website of a bank possible to apply for a loan at short notice. In reality, however, the situation is particularly difficult for retail banks to the extent that both the application and the lending usually require a longer lead time. So often an appointment must first be agreed, then follows the credit discussion and days or even weeks later, the loan amount is ultimately transferred. For this reason, on this condition, priority is given to online loans. In addition, you should make sure that it is as possible to so-called fast, short-term or instant loans. There a Short-term loan is almost always possible. The banks offer such special loans, which are characterized by a short processing time, especially under the following names:

  • instant loans
  • Loans with immediate approval
  • Payday emergency loans
  • Quick loans
  • Express loans
  • Short-term loans

A Short-term loan is always possible with these loans, because often both the application and the credit decision are already automated. Ideally, only a few minutes pass between application and credit decision. If the bank then provides the Webident procedure and the option of submitting documents and credit agreements online, you may be able to dispose of the loan amount after only one day.

In which cases is Short-term loan possible?

In practice, there are quite a few reasons that make it difficult for you to compare a large number of credit offers on the market, but you have to opt for Short-term loan. Typical situations in which short-term capital is needed are, for example:

  • Car repair after accident or defect
  • Limited time special offer, for example special model in the motor vehicle sector
  • Urgently necessary repair in or at the house
  • Spontaneous holiday

In fact, there are various situations in which it is necessary that the loan amount is available to you after two to three days at the latest. Despite the Short-term loan, however, you should compare as few offers as possible and not access the first available loan offer. Incidentally, if this amounts to a sum between a few hundred and up to 3,000 euros, the use of the disposition credit may also be the ideal solution.