Loan for Reported in End-to-end knowledge company

Are you looking for a Loan and do not know what to do? The assignment of the fifth is the answer. Thanks to Credit, getting money is simple, fast and secure.

Thanks to the numerous agreements stipulated with financial and insurance companies, we always find the road to give you new liquidity, the money you need.

In fact, even if indicated in credit bank, it is possible to have new credit through an ad hoc loan.

Loan for Reported in  end-to-end knowledge company

The assignment of the fifth is the only loan that can be granted to those referred to in for late payments or outstanding loans in previous loans.

The repayment formula provides that the monthly installments are debited directly on the income received, then either on the paycheck or on the pension.

For example, if you are an employee and your monthly salary is equal to € 1,000, thanks to this financial solution you can have new liquidity by repaying a maximum installment of € 200.

The calculation of the maximum installment for a transfer of the fifth is obtained by multiplying the monthly net salary * 20%.

Thanks to this loan, even if your name is on the list of bad payers for unpaid or late payments, you can have liquidity, consolidate loans in progress, regularize your credit position in Experian and CTC for be able to request further funding in the future.

 Cession of the Fifth: How much can I get?

The transfer of the fifth allows you to obtain amounts up to 50,000 euros repayable in monthly installments payable directly from the paycheck or pension.

It is possible to subscribe to the loan with a duration of up to 120 months, which makes it possible to keep the installment low.

Those referred to in that require a paycheck or pensioner loan can use the liquidity obtained for any purpose.

The transfer of the fifth is the only possibility of obtaining money for those referred to to permanent employment or retirees, as well as being an excellent opportunity as regards the interest rates applied.