Connecting Flights: Day 1, 2 - Newark, Hong Kong, Tân Sơn Nhất (HCMC)

The recycled air has a steady scent of human flatulence that disguises any odor my body expels. 
In the supermarket just before my flight, I get that tingling anxiety of encountering a known temporal deadline. It must what any terminal patient feels once his death date is announced. 
This Boeing 777-800 is a bus. Only on international flights does one see so many people in a plane. 

Clouds become objects from above. Where terrestrial remarks of a day’s cloud condition refers to the level of sunniness and hotness, from above it refers to the cloud objects, types of clouds seen. The shadows cast onto the earth correspond to the size and shape of the cloud, Judy add one would expect but rarely experiences from the ground. If blanketing the view, the cloud become a textured material creating the air space in which you sit. If passing through a cloud, its obscurant density isolates you from the world. 

Flying over Hong Kong, I’m struck by how contained the city is from the hills and forests of each island. How much is Macao and where Hong Kong begins or ends is unclear to me, but the entire area looks will designed, ordered, and livable. While allegedly very dense, the towering buildings have the human space between then that recall planned neighborhoods of Bogotá. 

Aline calls me from HCMC and asks about our hotel. I realize I too have fumbled the dates and our check in for today’s hotel isn’t for 12 more hours, so I book something and send her the directions. By 1 am, Phúc is at Tân Sơn Nhất and drives me to drop off my luggage before we have beers in District 4.